I was born in 1988, in Katowice, a city in the south of Poland. Before discovering my love for cinema, I completed a Masters degree in Sociology from University of Silesia. Then, I did a 5 year graduate studies of Cinematography and Photography from the Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School, where I had the opportunity to learn under cinematographers like Adam Sikora, Bogdan Dziworski, Marcin Koszałka and Tomasz Woźniczka.

For the last few years, I’ve been working as a Director of Photography in short films, documentaries, commercials and music videos, not just in Poland but also in countries like Greece, France, Israel, Serbia and Nepal. I believe that the experience of working with filmmakers from diverse cultures and conditions, helps me grow as a storyteller and I cherish it. I enjoy using my lighting skills, sense of colours and composition to create dramaturgy, mood and atmosphere in scenes.

My documentary “Miss Holocaust” (dir. Michalina Musielak, 2017) was officially selected in the 67th Berlin International Film Festival. In 2018 I won the Best Cinematography Award award in Watersprite International Student Film Festival for “I Know” (dir. Piotr Nalazek, 2017) and was invited by ARRI for their Lighting Academy in UK which was a great opportunity to get a different perspective for lighting in films. 



> “Singing Home” (Short Feature Film, Nepal) dir. Nigam Bhandari Director Of Photography, Camera Operator

> “Ave Eva” (Short Feature Film, Greece) dir. Oliwia Twardowska Director Of Photography, Camera Operator 

> “Gdzie Jest Twój Dom?” (Music Video of Ampera band) dir. Małgorzata Suwała Director Of Photography, Camera Operator

> “Dni Przemiany” (Documentary, Poland) dir. Tomasz Jurkiewicz Camera Operator


> “By Halves” (Short Feature, France) dir. Anastasia Eleftheriou Director Of Photography, Camera Operator

> “Miss Holocaust” (Documentary, Israel) dir. Michalina Musielak Director Of Photography, Camera Operator

> “I Know” (Short Feature, Poland) dir. Piotr Nalazek Director Of Photography, Camera Operator

> “Pars Pro Toto” (Short Feature, Poland) dir. Katarzyna Łęcka Camera Operator


> “The Gigant Return” (Feature Film, Poland) dir. Adam Sikora Camera Operator


> “Ukras Sveta” (Documentary, Serbia) dir. Stefan Krasic Director Of Photography, Camera Operator


“Aldona” (Documentary, Poland) dir. Iwo Kondefer Director Of Photography, Camera Operator

“Zawodzie Depot” (Documentary, Poland) dir. Beata Rakoczy Director Of Photography, Camera Operator